please empty your brain below

Saw this over the summer, and loved it. Strange when you move through from the pure op-art to the coloured stripes, as by then you're expecting every painting to severely muck your vision up (we found ourselves staring at patches of bare white wall, just to calm our eyes down - the optical equivalent of a "palate cleanser" in a posh restaurant) - so that when you see the stripes, your first reaction is "Huh, swizz, nothing's happening with this lot."

Favourite section of the whole show was post-stripes, pre-diagonal cross-hatching, where the stripes have progressed into curvy wavy lines with twists of colour in them. Warm, expansive, serene, mature, intensely pleasurable, vaguely reminiscent of late Monet water-lilies in some strange way. The subsequent cross-hatching - although I loved it 10 years ago - now seemed a bit toon Late Eighties Habitat Duvet Cover. On the other hand, that's not BR's fault - indeed, she has always objected to the way that her work has been co-opted by the world of fashion/style (see also Mary Quant and the 60s stuff).

Was the Wolfgang Tillmanns expo still on as well? Loved that too, but in a very different way. I really should have blogged about all this at the lazy!

Yup, you should have blogged about Bridget at the time, you describe her paintings much better than me. I'm afraid I shan't be able to look at some of her later work now without thinking of duvets.

Wolfgang's finished at the Tate, but we did pop along to see the huge collection of Turners instead, including the one which the gallery announced yesterday was in fact a picture of Portsmouth and not Venice as originally thought.

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