please empty your brain below

It's funny, I've been here 23 years or so now and thinking of going the other way (though not necessarily Suffolk).

The problem is that I'd really miss most of the things you've listed..... and most of all the Diversity.

But I need a wide open space...


Oh, no, sorry, this isn't a Blog Me! place is it. Ooops

Oyster cards. Hmmm. Hasn't reached us out here in the sticks yet. Sounds fishy to me.

Some debate as to whether you've just brought out a Miscellany book... (If so, congratulations, and not before time.)

I've got an Oyster card now. Pros: slamming your bag down on the reader as you go through. Cons: bouncing off the gate as the gates pause before opening. With your old ticket system, you used that pause usefully plucking and tucking away the ticket.

Of course, we all could just slow down a wee bit.

My first Oyster card kicked off on Saturday. Quite impressed so far. I was going to blog about all the disadvantges, but I haven't had any yet. Yet.

And no Peter, I am not the man behind Shite's Original Miscellany, although if it turns into a bestseller I shall soon wish I had been.

Well - it should have been you. And I hope A. Parody (the author) hasn't stolen any of your material or ideas. Of most of us you have such saleable material. Beyond belief, the work you do.

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