please empty your brain below

I'm assuming you don't want us to write the date of the hidden post.... would make it a bit easy for everyone else! So, 'twas a day on which you also drew our attention to some other websites that we could have been looking at instead...

How sad am I?

You're quite right, Nic, and thanks for reminding me. Please don't reveal the mystery location in this comments box.

And a reminder. To win the treasure, the instructions are to "leave a message in the comments box on the mystery post", not here...

Never did read instructions properly!

Today's tagline:

"The blog with the lowest prize budget in blogland"

i managed to find it. i managed to comment on it. and now i've forgotten where it was.

There are now 10 posts there, so I guess the prizes have gone.

Not that I have a website to plug, anyway...

Ah go on and plug my site then, it's my first day in blogland. Gwwwwaaarnnnn...

So, is this in anticipation of Talk Like a Pirate Day ?

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