please empty your brain below

I found it!

i found it! i found it!

'the count' picture you use is my favourite.

I can't believe I got so excited when I found it!

Anyway - us Moveable Type users have had this feature for ages - so why didn't we all get as excited about it as you DG?

4th to find it!

Second attempt... following a re-stressing for Dim Old Me of the rules by DG.
Hello from the future!
I found it too!

Wa-hey, I got here (eventually). I think I'm number 6.

I think that makes me number 7

And I'll be No. 8 then.

I cheated (sort of). 'View Source' then search for 'chest.gif'. Is there a prize for finding it in the least amount of time?

Bloody typical. I wait until lunchtime to look at diamond geezer for once and end up 9th to find the treasure.


Number 10. Doh.

Hey! How about special consideration for those of us in hugely different time zones (Japan)!!!! I was screwed! HAHA! Great site, by the way....

Yeah! Me too, what Smeggy said. I'm in New York. And Whining. Hey - nice result the other day (all together now " One All To The Arsenal...)

It was 3pm in Japan when I posted this, which sounds like special consideration to me, although I agree that 2am in New York looks rather more unreasonable.

Hmmm... that was easier than I thought it would be.

On the way I got a bit distracted reading lots of entries that had passed me by.

... you know Peter, that may just have been one of the intended side-effects

FOUND IT. In New Zealand. In midwinter 2011.

anyone else still looking for it or am I the last one?

I fell down a rabbit hole into the archives today and now I've found this.

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