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Interesting fact: My glow-in-the-dark Pure phase CD case attracts moths and other insects when I turn the light out at night.

excellent review. I'm jealous you've seen Spiritualised - this tour didn't appear to go anywhere near Manchester, so I haven't been able to get sorted for that one.

And yeah, Amazing Grace is bloody good. This review must have taken bloody ages to write though.

I saw them years and years and years ago (after Lazer Guided Melodies, before Pure Phase, I think), and they were bloody awful. The formula was: pick two chords, repeat them over and over again, very slowly, for eight or nine minutes, gradually adding whooshy sound effects, ramping up the volume and shoving all the strobes to max. Stop, pick the next two chords and repeat.

(Mind you, the support act were even worse: Mercury Rev, in their old incarnation, when they were all permanently off their heads and having fist-fights backstage etc etc. Possibly the worst live set I've ever seen by any band, ever.)

I keep thinking Spiritualized are Spacemen 3. Similar approach, for sure.

All blogs should have this feature built into every entry. The whole thing could just be randomly generated.

Jason is the only spaceman worth considering. Sonic boom's a lame munter.

I'm saying nothing. Nothing is good enough for me.

Excellent concept.
Excellent review.

I didn't know the Electric Ballroom was open again.
A cathedral indeed.
1979 and Stiff Little Fingers only managed four encores as there drummer fainted from heat stroke in there. I'd forgotten that night until now.

Space Age, Spiritualised kind of evolved from Spacemen 3 - I think Jason Pierce was the driving force of Spacemen3.

As for the last two albums, they've been far less "up their own arse" than Ladies & Gentlemen or Pure Phase. Give 'em a go, or download some examples.

LOL, love the 3-in-1

Have loved them ever since I "discovered" their Lazer Guided Melodies in a CD exchange shop in Alburquerque NM, USA. For ages I thought they were an obscure US college band.

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