please empty your brain below

Seat reservations are the devil's work, and Coach A is a peaceful oasis of calm (comparatively, at least).

Egg sandwiches should also be banned from being eaten on trains! Glad you enjoyed Leeds!

You didn't like the White Rose, then?

You wouldn't think we'd both been on the same service within three days of each other from what we've since blogged. I didn't bother making a reservation, just turned up, bought a ticket (cost no object, I'm not paying for it), got on the next train and sat where I liked. Friday tea is obviously better quality than Monday (or I'm not that fussy) and I had all the leg-room I wanted until Retford.

If only all trains were like that.

At least you get a seat.

On Connex we have to stand.

I had an open ticket on the way back, and it showed. A far nicer journey, sitting where I wanted to sit, and legroom all the way.

A bit disappointed after having scrolled through several times to find reference to "wheelie suitcases" to discover so little content on them. One of my biggest bugbears, both as a trip hazard and a noise generator, I have to confess they were a saving grace when obliged to bring a whole lot of stuff back from abroad after the death of a relative. Try manoeuvering several around the rail station at Gatwick, however - that is no joke!!

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