please empty your brain below

Just one town each please.

I'll start with the easy-peesy one:

Leeds. (Read backwards on first row.)

found four (tragic) but i'm gonna say Ilkley. backwards fifth row down.

Eton. Oh, no, that's in Berkshire.

So, I'd better have Thirsk.

Ripon, bottom row, fourth letter then oop.

Hull. Bottom left corner, going up.

Whitby, bottom right hand corner going up.

York. Bottom right corner, head left, 2nd to 5th letters.

Filey , 2nd bottom row 3-7

Settle. Top line going backwards.

Selby. Top row 2nd from right, then diagonally South West.

Goole. 3rd column going up.

Totley? - first column going up
DG says: not quite


Batley; second row backwards.

Leypglt - that charming coal town just east of skipton, though it's misspelt here; the 'g' should of course be an 'o'. 5th line down, reads backwards, starting 4th character from the right.

Time up. You missed out only one...

Batley, Filey, Goole, Hull, Ilkley, Leeds, Malton, Otley, Ripon, Selby, Settle, Thirsk, Whitby, York.

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