please empty your brain below

Just one song each please.

Well since I'm first here again - I'll pick the easiest one:

1. "I don't like Monday's"

2. Manic Monday

6. Duran Duran (9, 1984)

3. Monday, Monday

8. Wednesday Week

4. Happy Mondays

7. "Ruby Tuesday".

12. Sunday Girl

DG, I just emailed you a possible candidate for number 6.

Thanks for your two (correct) number 6s.
I can't believe I missed that one, Jeff.

10. Friday I'm In Love

9. Thursday's Child ?

5. Blue Monday by New Order

11. Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

All sorted. Answers below:

  1] I Don't Like Mondays
  2] Manic Monday
  3] Monday Monday
  4] Happy Mondays
  5] Blue Monday
  6] New Moon On Monday

  7] Ruby Tuesday
  8] Wednesday Week
  9] Thursday's Child
10] Friday I'm In Love
11] Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
12] Sunday Girl

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