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Is it a case of everyone doing whistlestop tours of London yesterday?

I was there as well, with a friend, and we just wandered around. Unfortunately we ran out of time, so I didn't have the chance to take him to Aldgate East/Whitechapel, but we did spend some time in Victoria Tower Gardens, outside the Houses of Parliament, and yes, we went to see David Blaine. I can't claim that he waved at us though.

On our way back across the bridge, it opened to let a yacht with a big mast through. And, it just so happened that as we were waiting on the bridge, watching the yacht, my father was sitting in front of the Tower of London, watching the same Yacht.

Yeah, you needed to know that. I'm sure.

Last sentence, penultimate para. Pure MBWLA gold

that was a lovely entry. I wish I could remember the first time I went to London; I remember the train trip vividly, it being the longest train ride I'd ever been on, but as to why were in London or anything about it, I'm at a loss.

As a Norfolk Dumpling, I remember the first time I took the train into London and be overwhelmed by the number of train tracks coming together from so many different directions, tracks and tracks and tracks. That memory is still vivid, there are days when I'm on the train outside a main interchange looking across the tracks, counting...

According to my 3 year old nephew the correct English for the end of sentence 2 para 1 should be INsufferably precocious.

My grandparents took me to London when I was 9. Great timing, it was in the middle of an IRA bombing campaign and I remember being extremely anxious for the whole trip. Other than that, it's a blank.

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