please empty your brain below

i'm confused. so if i write a post this evening and date it as 15/9/03 - it'll come up under monday ?

I think Blogger won't publish anything in the future, though it will store posts for the future and you can publish them later. I think.

darn - i was hoping it was like e-cards. the posts publish on the date you set it to.

I tried to set today's TFTD up last night - Blogger apparently took it, but it didn't appear this morning at 9am as I thought I'd scheduled, and wasn't anywhere that I could find it on the system.

Not such a great feature after all then.

oh dear, BW - i hope you saved it somewhere ? blogger has an awful habit of eating up posts ... i do a lot in notepad and then transfer them to blogger.

so in other words, this date thingy is rubbish ?

The date thingy may be rubbish for posting things into the future, but at least it's really useful for writing things in the past.

I tried to move one back four hours, so it would be under rather than over a post, but it went all the way back to yesterday. So I ended up with a highly futuristic post describing Monday's happenings on Sunday. Mystic Smeg.

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