please empty your brain below

List price NINETEEN QUID? For his second autobiography?

He's got a long way to go to catch up with George Best, who has, I gather, told his life story no less than nine times.

Sorry, exactly who is this Becks person?

I think it's a beer Blue Witch

Won't you be in trouble DG for reproducing it all here without permission?

Still glad I didn't shell out 'out for it (good though it was).

Value Witch Tip - £5 off in Sainsbury's, I've just noticed (which is 70p more than Amazon, but you will get 26 nectar points which is worth 13p and you won't pay postage.

It's probably also on offer elsewhere.

Nice try DG, but I think the sentence construction is just a little to complicated for it to be genuine.

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