please empty your brain below

Heh, heh, nice to see someone has seen Athlete and The THrills in their true light.

I'm delighted that I've only ever even *heard* of 5 of these

I do have a CD by one of them though.

That Dizzee Rascal - he's Proper Bow.

I'm actually quite fond of the thrills - but then again I know nothing about pop music

I have nothing against the Thrills, or indeed Athlete. They just seem rather one-dimensional.

For all I know, that was Dizzee Rascal's acceptance speech word for word.

I'm totally loving the Martina Topley Bird acceptance speech. She plays the urban black chick quite well, but her dad (Drayton Bird) is (or certainly used to be), very, very big in advertising and I've had many a lecture from him on my Direct Marketing Diploma. She's not as street as she makes out, but I do like her records and respect to her for going out with and having a kid with the mad but brilliant Tricky.

get lost. i like athlete

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