please empty your brain below

Many Happy Returns!

And wot, no strawberry jelly at your birthday party? Understandable, I guess - it doesn't agree with us, and Eloon's allergic to it

And strawberries are awfully expensive, so instead I've bought some new shoos to sillybrate!

Congratulations (and thanks for reminding me of my own anniversary).

happy blogday.

you do so much research into blogs that i have to ask "do you have a 'life' ?" (shudder).


Happy Birthday.

Hope I'm still around in a little undertwelve months to celebrate mine.

Happy, happy blogday! Here's to another year of fabulous diamonding and wonderful geezering.

Happy Birthday!
Many happy returns, and good luck for another year!

(It's my domain's first birthday today...There goes another £70.50).

Happy Blog Aniversary!!!!

Well done on a fine year's work.

I like the new colour, too. It's a bit less obviously non-work related...

Happy blogday indeed dear sir...may there be ever so many more.

Many happy returns!

Nice first year DG - hope the second is just as good!

Happy blogday, DG, and may you never get carpel tunnel syndrome.

See-saw thinks the colour is much nicer and I like it too.
Congratulations from both of us on having another first birthday.

Happy Blogday, DG! *passes round jelly & icecream*

Happy Birthday!

Thanks everyone, much appreciated.
Now, what the hell do I write in year two...?

Congratulations on your first year.
I've been taking a keen interest in your blog over many months and feel that now is the time to put many of your readers out of their misery by telling them some facts behind what they have been reading.
Several of those commenting have come pretty near to the truth when they have felt that this blog is too much for just one ordinary mortal. So I've done lots of undercover research and this is what I have discovered.
There are several geezers working in a close but loose co-operative way, contacting each other by text, phone, email and even having clandestine meetings around the country. Read the posts again and you'll realise there is one that travels around the world, another who knows his (or her) music, an astronomy expert, a lover of quizzes and things mathematical. I could go on and on.
Don't expect anyone to admit it but I can assure you it is true.
One final thing. Many years ago a young teacher that I knew told me that if you weren't sure you knew the right answer just say what ever you like with all the authority you could muster. Most people would believe you...

Hey - Happy Birthday to DG! And you've reminded me that mine will be a year soon! Maybe one day I'll get time to update it!!

'Always in Front' and a dismissive comment? Ooooo, wonder who that could be.

Trust me Eloon, it's not anybody you know, not even virtually...

Oh, it's not me Mum then. Sorree


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