please empty your brain below

I've thoroughly enjoyed this excellent feature; very interesting, and expertly researched and linked, as ever. Thank you.

Hope you're going to pull it all together as a permanent link?

Thanks. I did consider putting it all on one page, then I decided that I already have a permanent link, and it's called August 2003.

Another well-worked conceit.

Rather than rely on the vicar, why not get Cafepress to turn it into a print-on-demand booklet?

Was that an i/p typo?


con┬Ěceit (noun) "An extravagant, fanciful, and elaborate construction or structure"

con┬Ěcept (noun) "Something formed in the mind; a thought or notion."

Excellent work DG! I've thoroughly enjoyed it myself.

Apologies for my lack of knowledge of the finer points of usage of English - seeing as it was jon's comment, I did look up the word "conceit" in my 9th Ed Concise OED and it said:

1. Personal vanity, pride.
2. literary -
a. a far-fetched comparison, esp. as a stylistic affectation; a convoluted or unlikely metaphor.
b. fanciful notion.

Hence my confusion.

Isn't English wonderful?

Er, I think the OED's being a little harsh (as is often the case). Conceits don't have to be far-fetched, just extended, imho.

I still don't know what i/p means. Perhaps I should look it up...


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