please empty your brain below

Thanks for kick starting my brain.

this is (i think) the only true statement...

This is the only possible answer.

And that took too much brain effort. Especially after a three day weekend.

Is this statement grammatically correct? Have you been learning grammar in supermarkets?

Were you actually trying to have a "no comments today thank you" day?

Yup, this is the true one.

Yep, only one is true, this one, so that's "less than 3" true.

I wasted way too much time on this first thing this morning !

This is the true one, I think...

My ink-sodden piece of paper (due to me trying to work this out for over 1/4 of an hour on it) says this is the right answer...

I think :S

you ickle trickster! c&e are true, d is false only by it's self inclusion. Your mama must be proud!

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