please empty your brain below

I'm going for this one. Why? No idea.

I reckon this is true too. My other choice is a porsche...oops sorry, D

a can not be true as if it were f would have to be.

f can not be true as if it were it would be.

b can not be true because it could only be if b, c, d & e were (see a & f)) but d says only 2 are.

d can not be true beause then c and e would also be true.

which leaves c & e. Both could be true but then d would be also be true and it cannot be as previously described.

e can not be the only true one as it says more than one is.

so that leaves c as the only true statement. 'Less than three (one) of these statements are true.'

That's the perfect solution, Thom.
It's just in the wrong comments box...

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