please empty your brain below

The green laser is on all the time, it's just you can't see it during the day. Unless it passes between you and a dark background, when it is just about visible.

I find it quite awesome that you have a personal GPS device. I'm prepared to bet a substantial sum that you also wear a digital watch.

The story of the GPS device here.
It was my readers' fault, honest.

And not worth betting on the digital watch because I already admitted it here.

Thank you, as ever. Yes - I had read it, and it'd slipped into that part of my brain which stores blogposts. Must be getting pretty full.

Agree totally with you re digital, and I still wear one myself. Casio and proud of it. I too like the exact time, rather than a vague approximation.

And I too noticed the Swatch strike-back. I worked as a teacher then (before ill health led to retirement) and it was fascinating to see just how instantly the teenagers ditched the digitals they'd only last week been inseparable from.

Swatch made a virtue out of vagueness. Some of their dials had no figures whatsoever, and others merely a single jewel at the 12 position.

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