please empty your brain below

Big Brother USA is plastic fantastic.

Did you watch it last night?

A guy's already been thrown out for being mental, but then he did wear beanie's all the time and looked like the mad guy from Something About Mary (the one with the spot on his eye). So it's probably for the best.

I had no idea the word "smartass" was used in Britain. I was also under the impression that the "ass" referred to buttocks and not donkeys. If so, shouldn't it be spelled differently? Is there an etymologist in the house?

I can't get E4, so don't tell me how good Big Brother USA is because I can't watch it. I still doubt that it is good though.

And Scott, I guess the BBC thought the spelling "smartarse" would be a bit too blatant for primetime TV. Although, with Gyles Brandreth on the panel, it was hard to tell the difference between buttocks and donkeys.

eawlways gets my goat that Gyles Brandreth

It's no good. I've got the hots for Miss Hoolie from Balamory.

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