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here's betting you'll get a "sorry you weren't in when we try to deliver" card through your letterbox without them actually trying to deliver it. or is that just the Royal Mail?

No, I've had City Link do that to me too. It's not City Link, is it?

I see someone's got themselves an early Christmas present!

CrappyLink did the "you were out" thing to me during blizzards two years ago with a new laptop. Obviously, instead of waiting for the weather to improve, I cursed the idiotic driver and set out in raging blizzard to drive 30 miles to pick it up.

Why didn't you consider a Mac? ??? ???

The real downer isn't the the "you were out card" as that is at least evidence of them making it to one's front door...the latest wheeze (from UPS around here) is not to even bother coming but log "householder out" into their little electronic only find out about it when you check the delivery status on line. Cue irate phone call and demands for immediate motorcycle delivery. Not that I want to worry you DG!

I think the key to a good service is to get to know one's couriers...the current CityLink and HDS guys for me are brilliant.

Are we going to have hourly updates? I hope you have got some interesting phrases lined up in case it is not delivered until 5.30 !

I'm hoping you still have a desktop PC as well, because, well, you know that lovely HP G55 printer of yours... y'know, like the one I had that had done 60,000 copies in 9 years before spectacularly covering everything with black ink a couple of weeks ago... the one you gloated still worked in that post about unreplied emails the other day... well... they don't do drivers to make it work with Windows 7.

I can, however, thoroughly recommend the HP 8500 pro. And I still use XP, so if you don't have a desktop, then you know where to recycle it...

Can we guess what time it will turn up?

I'm going for 4.17pm.

And, you'll be able to spend your time while waiting sorting out the future of the comments, won't you?

As a matter of (no) interest, I was looking at the name Lenovo Thinkpad and thinking (sorry) that it must make for some great anagrams.

And it does.

My favourite is HOT KIDNAP NOVEL.

I think this tells me all I needed to know. DG bought a new laptop because he's working on his hot kidnap novel.


Well that won't make it today, because the driver will run out of time before he gets to you, and will have to return to the depot. I'd ring up and book your try again slot for tomorrow now - no that won't actually work, but then there won't be anyone to ring after 5pm so you won't be able to book it for tomorrow. How does 4th January sound to you, sir?

Dell Studio 15. Ordered Thursday 10th December 19:46. Built in China over the weekend. Ready for delivery in Crawley Wednesday 16th, but I opted for Thursday 17th. As a logistician I have to say that modern logistics is extremely impressive.

I can see that you are going to have a long day.

It's at times like this people who work from home are reminded of the reduced-stress advantages of that lifestyle.

Are you a man or a mouse? Turn it on and damn the consequences. Only RTFM if it is totally messed up.

"Do I read the instruction manual"? You're a man. Of course not.

Only exactly 4 hours too early!

Congratulations - the only thing I would have done is allowed it to aclimatize to the indoor temperature - perhaps these things don't matter any more? (tho not on Eurostar).

May I suggest for all the solutions?

Their daily email is great. Tells you how to do loads of things you never knew you could.

Did you have to pay any VAT or other charges?

Now put that memory stick to one side and buy a new one for day to day activities. That memory stick should be your back-up with the added advantage that you can rely on it because you have effectively already tested backing up from it.

I'm having to reuse the memory stick over and over - I can't fit all my files on it in one go.

And VAT? Yes. is good for transferring files between PCs wirelessly. You also have the option of keeping a copy in the cloud. Keeps files in sync, should you decide to keep using both PCs.

Can't you just plug both computers into the router and copy files over the network?

Will be interested in how you get on with Windows 7. I'm going to wait and let others do the testing

Some of your blogposts are worth reading two or even three times. This is one of them.

Intriguing feature from this issue of Smoke - astronauts on trees!

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