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What a dream to make such a journey now!
Pedant alert. It's a blue Toyota Prius as beloved by minicab drivers. Sorry
Thanks Andy, I knew writing the wrong name would swiftly deliver the right one. Updated.
I had just reached the end of this interesting account to find that you had changed the name of the car while I was reading - a true live update! I expect that will be the way of 'news' reporting in the future
I did Horsenden Hill and Harrow Hill twice as part of the Capital Ring last year, followed, on the same day with the next section to Kingsbury.
Brilliant walking, but not sure I'd manage 12 miles of hills after the enforced bum-sitting I've been doing lately!
Liked the sly reference to Survival there :-) Perhaps, post lockdown, you could visit some other 'classic' Dr Who-related locations, as an occasional series?

dg writes: Done (2005)
Very evocative writing. Can help wondering when, or even whether, such a trip will again be possible.
'Somewhere there’s danger, somewhere there’s injustice and somewhere else the tea is getting cold.' Doctor DG (who?) LOL
A library book! I used to take one on my travels too (and have been known to over-ride a stop or two in order to finish a chapter).

Meanwhile the lockdown has enforced a turn to my own bookshelves, and indeed the overspill on the floor - a pile I am now pleased to say is shrinking as I work my way through reading them.

How libraries can function in the future is going to be challenging, to say the least.
Rather poignant, evoking an emotive state tinged with sadness similar to post-apocalyptic sci-fi novels. Beautifully written, turning the mundane into a springboard for speculation into countless possible ongoing scenarios. [Prodnose: pretentious twaddle.]
"Excitement, it turns out, is relative."
Maybe, but again this is the DG blogging we have enjoyed for so long and long may it last -

e.g. "I love the exhilaration of a good hilltop..."
Ha! Yes, perfect.
Thanks, DG.
I think you would have passed my primary school on the bus on East Lane, and indeed come close to my childhood home as you went past the (old) town hall.

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