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Friends who used to have a flat overlooking the Thames told us that every day they would see at least one - and often several - lifebelts drifting by. Clearly some folk don’t appreciate how important they are - or else don’t care.
How did you travel between the points? Was it an interesting journey?
Pure Geezerment - the south point was just as interesting as the other three. I hope we can look forward to further radiations from Charles 1.
I've worked St Pancras Lock many, many times. It always feels super cool to have the key - even more so at Hampstead Road. Nice that three out of your four points took you to water - and all of different types.
Considering cities are supposed for people to live in, maybe the Southern point is the one delivering most.
Another interesting 'compass points' post.
I look forward to seeing whether you decide to continue in mile increments, or double mile increments now!
Even as a very infrequent visitor to London, I have visited three of those sites: even to the ML Mercedes.
Fascinating post. I wonder if generating random co-ordinates four times could possibly produce such a good selection. (Though DG can make a purse out of a very sow's ear of a place).

Yes, cities are for living in. But living is not just sleeping. Sitting in the park or watching the river are also important parts of living.
In solidarity with our European neighbours, perhaps your next articles should use kilometres instead of miles!

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